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Mission Statement


Highland Wool CIC

(July 2022)

Highland Wool CIC has been formed as a Community Interest Company to support a sustainable wool industry in Scotland.

We will do this through:

  1. Creating industry related infrastructure – to include a processing facility (mill) in the Highlands.

  2. Building community among those supplying wool (farmers), those working with wool (artists, crafters, manufacturers), and those using wool products (the public).

  3. Developing a range of sustainable wool products for sale to the public, and increasing appreciation for fully provenanced “100% Made in Scotland” branded wool products.

Further to our mission, we will also engage in activities that:

  1. Support individuals or groups teaching traditional and modern wool-working crafts, in order to increase the numbers of people working within these crafts for leisure or professional reasons.

  2. Create employment opportunities across the industry, especially for young people or those persons transitioning out of former employment, and especially as a means of slowing or reversing depopulation in rural areas.

  3. Promote the economic, social, and environmental relevance of heritage breeds, their ability to thrive in “Less Favoured” areas of Scotland, and the wide variety of sustainable uses for their wool.

  4. Work with interested farmers, especially small-scale or heritage breed farmers, to help improve the quality of their fleeces, and increase the value and uses of their annual wool harvest.

  5. Utilize sustainable, environmentally friendly technology and processes across all our activities; collaborate with others to develop that technology (for example, water filtration and recycling systems in wool washing cycles) if it doesn’t yet exist.

  6. Adopt fair trade standards, practice inclusivity across all our activities, and pay a living wage to our employees.

  7. Work with and support other individuals and groups who share our goals.

Highland Wool CIC is registered with Companies House #SC737467

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