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Mill Services

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Processing Prices and Information, from June 2024

For more information, or to request an appointment to bring your fleeces in for processing, send an email to Please include breed, amount (max 25kg), estimated date of shearing, and a short description of what you'd like done with your fleece.  

There are limited spots, with those in the Highlands and Islands being prioritised.


Washing & Carding

100gram batts or flatts


Skirting & Picking

By arrangement


Washed & Fluffed

Packed loosely into bags



Cleaning equipment between breeds/colours within your order


Washed Only

Available by arrangement, at limited times of year


DIY Prep

Supervised DIY prepping of your fleece in our skirting room


  • Our geographical remit is currently Highlands & Islands. These areas have priority booking. If you live outside this area in Scotland, we may be able to book you into any scheduling gaps, after the priority booking schedule is filled. Please contact us directly if you’d like to be put on the ‘gap’ list.

  • We will accept as little as a single fleece for processing. However, we will charge for a minimum of 2kg.

  • A changeover fee of £15 will be charged for orders consisting of different breeds/colours. This covers cleaning of pertinent machinery, and can be waived by prior agreement, but in that case, client takes responsibility for cross contamination of fibres or colours.

  • Prices are charged on incoming (unprocessed) fibre weight in kilos. VAT will be added at the standard rate at the time of invoicing (currently 20%). Return shipping charges will be added as applicable. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit Highland Wool at The Hirsel in Ardgay to pick up your finished product.

  • Wool will lose weight during processing. Skirting your fibre well, minimising vegetation matter (VM) and areas of poor, damaged and marked fibre before sending it to us will reduce your processing costs and weight losses during processing. We are charging a high fee (see above) if we have to skirt and pick your fleece before processing, and you can save this cost by preparing your fleeces well prior to bringing them to us. If you don’t have the space to do this work yourself, contact us about our supervised DIY skirting/picking options. We will charge just £15 per hour (min 1 hour) to cover staffing for this service. Alternatively, you can volunteer to work on someone else’s fleece, and receive your training in return.

  • If you are unsure as to the suitability of your fibre or the finished product you require, please contact us.

  • We cannot card long staple fleeces yet. We may be able to wash them for you, at the above prices. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • We do not process prewashed fibre.

  • We only process sheep fibre. We do not blend or dye.

  • We wash, we don’t scour. Therefore, though the fleece will be clean of dirt and manure, and as clean of VM as we can manage, there may still be (depending on breed) some lanolin present in the finished product. For this reason, we do not need to re-add oil to our finished product.

  • Labelling: Product will be returned without labels, fibre (rolled into batts or laid flat) will be loosely packed in boxes and fluff will be bagged, for you to package at home. If you wish us to package and/or label for you, we are happy to do this. Additional fees will apply, please call to discuss this.

  • A deposit of 20% will be required before work can commence on your order.

  • No fleece will be accepted if it has been treated with chemicals in the past 3 months.

  • Upon receipt, we will weigh and assess your fleece, and will contact you to confirm acceptance of the assignment, or to discuss any issues. We reserve the right to refuse any fleece we deem to be unsuited to our processing.

  • We have limited storage, therefore reception dates are carefully scheduled. We may refuse any unscheduled deliveries.

  • Completion dates are approximate, we will contact you near the agreed date to confirm actual completion date.

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